Galaxy Varoom
Luxury Rap?

Did I miss something? Isn’t rap already luxurious? Bemmers, Benz,Bentley? Cristal? Bad bitch if she shopping? Now this? Jay… Yeezy… Don’t you think it really time to be on to the next one?


So I’m on the fence about whether to be open about my business or try to hide the fact that it is black owned. Pros & Cons?

Hello to all my peoples (followers)

I must be doing something wrong or this must be the new way to get seen because I have 15 followers on Tumblr and 17 on Youtube and I have had my Youtube WAAAAAYY longer than my Tumblr. Business venture here I come!

P.S. I still find it hard to believe anyone is following my ass on either.

You are who you follow
Galaxy Varoom
You are who you follow

So i guess I must follow too many fucking closet freaks because my fucking iPad will not load their pics and .gifs. What the fuck Tumblr? I’m just like Drake, “I think I’m addicted to looking at naked pictures…” I need my monster black cock fix pronto!

Miss Jessie’s

Ok so I decided to do some two strand twists with my Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls. I know…not exactly the best choice of product for twists but I need to try to get rid of this shit. My bathroom looks like a shrine of personal hygiene products. Plus I have found some Miss Jessie’s dupes. Miss Jessie’s cost too damn much!

What the fuck Tumblr

Ok. Did I miss a fucking update or something? Why am I know longer able to follow other Tumblr folks via the Android App? Bullfuckingshit! Fix this shit. I don’t think I’ve used a computer to do my Tumblring since I initially signed up. I ONLY Tumblr on my phone! Get your shit together dickheads!

Battery life expectancy

Every time I get on Tumblr my phone gets hot as hell. Just not hot enough for me to put down tho.


These fucking errors on Tumblr are getting on my nerves. I guess this is what I get for not checking it for 1 week.

Checking my Tumblr in public…

Looking over my shoulder like a pipehead trying to not share his dope.